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{pasta} Cafe de L’orangerie

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Because my parents went out really early on Sunday, and my brother went to work, I had to make myself breakfast and lunch.

I took this opportunity to call up a friend to go and try out L’orangerie though the thought of just picking something up at Mcdonalds also crossed my mind…

L’Orangerie is located along Granville Street and 70th. Getting there by transit was super easy. (I didn’t get the car..So sad.). To me, L’Orangerie is kind of like a French inspired Japanese cafe. From their coffee and tea drinks to their food. I think everyone will be able to find something that they’ll like on the menu because there is a variety of different things that you can order. A complete menu can be found here.


medium london fog


small matcha latte

My friend got the medium sized London Fog and I got a Matcha latte. The matcha latte was really good! Even better than Starbucks! The matcha latte at Starbucks is too sweet, even when it is half sweet, I find that the drink is still a tad too sweet. The matcha latte I had here was really good. There was a good balance between the bitterness of the macha and the sweetness of the milk.

Wafu Pasta

We both could not decide what to get so we opted for their special pastas. My friend got the Wafu spaghetti which has bacon, bonito flakes, seaweed and cabbage. I got to try some and I think I like her lunch more than mine, even though mine was pretty good. It reminds me of Chinese style stir fry but has an European and Japanese twist because it’s spaghetti with seaweed. Fusion Confusion? It was really good, I especially liked the bacon since I didn’t have breakfast prior and the bacon was the best part.

Masago de Creamy Spaghetti

This right here, was also really good. I like how the cream sauce was light as opposed to a dense richer cream sauce. Those kinds of cream sauces makes me feel bloated and “fatty” afterwards. Their cream sauce was really nice, having the masago in it was really interesting. It adds to the flavour and the overall texture of the spaghetti.

The masago spheghetti had mushrooms, asparagus, squid rings, and masago.

look at all that masago clinging for dear life!

masago just chillin

I didn’t realize how much masago was in my sauce until I was almost finished eating and decided to play with my food.

Coffee Jelly Parfait

Because I was still hungry, we got the coffee jelly parfait. It took them a long time to make, but it allowed for digestion I guess. The parfait turned out to be a lot smaller than what I thought it would be. I should’ve put something against it when taking this picture just to show its size. I thought it would be bigger, maybe the size of Chicco’s parfaits.

The parfait wasn’t really anything special to me. The parfait had a scoop of vanilla ice cream with cream and coffee jelly. It was good, but I had so much coffee jelly in my childhood that it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

All in all, I am really glad I had this for lunch over Macdonalds. The waiter was really nice though there were only 2. The atmosphere and the decor was also very warm and inviting. I like how they have some of their special dishes as well as the drink menu written on a chalk board overhanging their drink station.

I am definitely going to come back again. Maybe on a weekday next time? Because they have an ad in Klip Magazine where you get 10% off your meal. Google Klip Magazine and there will be an online version of it available.

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One thought on “{pasta} Cafe de L’orangerie

  1. the style of food they serve is yōshoku (洋食 western food).
    i love your posts~

    the matcha latte looks delicious!!

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