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{Yogurt} Qoola

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I finally went to Qoola (Metrotown location) today! I was pretty excited to be honest despite saying what I said about the Aberdeen location. I knew that the Metrotown location is a lot bigger, more spacious, and perhaps a lot cleaner than the Aberdeen one.

It never really occured to me how popular Qoola is versus Pinkberry or Yogen Fruits. As I made my way to the other end of the mall, the number of people walking by with a big Qoola cup significantly increased. (Increased linearly as I got closer perhaps?…I really need to get a life)

What makes Qoola different from Pink Berry is:

1. Self service
2a. Pay by weight $1.59 / 100 grams
2b. Price
3. Have a waffle and smoothie option
4. Popularity
5. The number of different yogurt flavors you can have in a cup

Take your pick 😀

There are a few yogurt flavors to choose (chocolate, plain, mango sorbet, strawberry (?), and vanilla)
Topping wise, Qoola has the same toppings plus a few more choices than Pinkberry. (At the end of the day… what is the difference between Skor pieces vs Hershey pieces vs Reeses pieces vs Chocolate chips? Aren’t they pretty much the same?)

I got the tangy mango sorbet flavor, topped it up the same way I topped my Pinkberry creation (almonds, nuts, pearls).
The mango sorbet flavor wasn’t too sour or too sweet. Maybe next time I would just get a big cup full of sorbet instead.
The overall experience was “aite” and Qoola is a lot cheaper. My creation was $4.46. There was this guy who filled his up to the brim and it cost him a little over $8.

At the end of the day I still prefer Pinkberry over Qoola.
Even though Pinkberry is significantly more expensive than Qoola, I feel like you are paying for quality. Pinkberry’s mango yogurt was a lot thicker and richer than Qoola’s. But in Qoola’s defense, maybe theirs is thinner and runnier because its a sorbet. But then on the other hand, why was the bottom of my cup was all liquidy and runny by the time I walked back to T&T?

Anyways, I’m probably going to try a non sorbet flavour next time just to compare. But in the mean time, Qoola is aite. Maybe it’s just my bad luck that I got runny yogurt or maybe my hands were really warm.

My thoughts about self serve still stands… I still feel weirded out thinking that someone could have potentially touched the toppings.

Qoola Frozen Yogurt + Fruit (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon


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