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{Ramen} Motomachi Shokudo


Ramen is my favorite noodle dish next to pho. So after asking around for suggestions and recommendations on where I should try out, I got 4 ramen shops within less than 5 minutes walking distance from each other located on Robsons and Denman St.

1. Benkei
2. Motomachi Shokudo
3. Kintar
4. Santouka

I finally found a day last week where both my mom and I had the morning off work to head downtown for a quick lunch. It was both our first time eating at Motomachi and we were both pleasantly surprised on how delicious and flavourful the ramen was. It was so good that my mom wanted to take some home and come back for more at the end of the week.

Charcoal miso ramen

I got the charcoal miso ramen because it was something a little different from everything else on the menu. Don’t let the charcoal scare you because it doesn’t taste like your BBQ, cause that was definitely what my mom was thinking when she saw it. The charcoal adds to the flavour of the broth, toning down the strong flavour of the miso. The noodles are chewy and the pork nicely falls apart.

Shio Ramen

My mom really enjoyed the shio ramen because the broth is a lot lighter than my charcoal miso ramen. I personally prefer strong flavours but this would be something I would order when I decide to change things up.


My overall experience at Motomachi was great! The portions are nicely sized and allowed for ice cream afterwards. Pricing is reasonable, for both our ramen, tax, and tip, our lunch turned out to be around $22-24. Service was great and I like how there are little hooks on the wall for you to hang your coats and jackets.

The space is kind of small, so I recommend coming with a small group of friends (groups of 4 perhaps?).

Side note: Motomachi is closed on wednesday

Motomachi Shokudo 元町食堂 on Urbanspoon


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